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Hello everyone,

I haven’t disappeared or given up on blogging here! I’d like to share the story of why I’ve been gone so long with you, as well as explain what happened to the look of the site.

Not long after I stopped using Google and Facebook, I decided to stop trusting cloud providers to keep out of my stuff. I started doing encrypted backups on everything on my computer. I was also trying out KonMari, and working my way towards making a post about it. At some point, while that was ongoing, I decided that I wasn’t super happy with the distribution of linux I was running, and decided to change. I double checked that I could pull info from my back ups, then blew away my existing install.

I forgot to check that I had a copy of my encryption key saved elseware. A computer generated “random” key, was stored in a config file on my computer, and no where else. I lost all of it. I got lucky and I had an unencrypted back up stored elseware from about a year ago, but I lost a LOT of data. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, MAKE COPIES OF YOUR KEYS SOMEWHERE! Amongst the things that were lost was the hugo theme I had developed to create the look of this site. Luckily the content was all still where I have it hosted on tilde.town, but that was only the public directory that hugo creates, not what built it.

I decided that, since I was now clearly at a restart point, it would be a fun project to really build this one from scratch. I found a barebones theme called Blank and have decided I’m going to build back up to something I find pretty from there. I’m hosting the new theme on codeburg

I’m really enjoying playing with how hugo works and really getting to know the nuts and bolts of it. Not to mention how much git learning I did to get the repo up for the new theme. I’m hoping to build something that’s accessible, but I’ll admit I don’t know much about web accessability. I fully welcome any feedback about how I could improve the accessability and/or functionality of my site.

As the entire blog is a hobby project for me, I’m not giving myself any firm timelines for updates and improvements on this, but I do intend to keep making updates, even if they’re just small ones, and I’ll be sure to post about it when I do. In the mean time, I’m hoping to start getting some content out again soon.
(I lost what I’d written about KonMari, but I still want to share that adventure with y’all)

For those of you who are reading this sometime in the far future; here’s a comparison of what my site used to look like, and what it looks like at the time of this post.


this is how the site used to look


this is how the site looks at the time of this post

Happy Halloween, more soon!