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First Post

I’m sooo tempted to simply leave it at that and walk away from this post, but that’s probably because actually committing to this project scares me. I’ve made the decision to “blog” before, and started various projects only to drop them after 3 posts or so. I’ll obsess about wanting it to look perfect, and so will never actually get it up and running, which is just silly.

I got this set up by noodling with Hugo for a bit, and honestly it got to the “Ok, now to put something on it” point faster than I expected. I’m going into this without a plan for “content”. It was suggested to me that I shouldn’t think of this website as a “blog” so much as a repository of my thoughts and writings. So when I have something to share, write about it, and don’t worry about it when I don’t. I’ve been able to treat microblogging on Mastodon this way, and I only hit the point of wanting to build a blog so that I could have a place to write out responses that go waaaaaay over the character limit there.

As I was talking through being scared to actually put this on a webhost, I realized that what I was scared of was letting people see me fail. And it reminded me of my juggling students. I tell them all the time that there is no learning done if mistakes aren’t being made, and often (if not always) what is a mistake when done unintentionally is a trick when you do it again on purpose. The only way to learn is to do, and to not be afraid of people seeing you try and fail.

So, I’m taking some of the advice I give to others all the time. Do the thing, realize you will mess it up, and it will get better over time, but you have to do it!

I’m so thankful that I found tilde.town to host this on, I’ve been having a great time exploring there, and I’ve been learning a ton. But more on that later. For now, Here’s me putting something together and getting it up and out there. I’m gonna make a promise to myself that I don’t let this project die before I put at least 5 posts up, but I make no guarantees on the timeframe on that.

Till next time