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Electric Unicycle

I rode an electric unicycle for the first time today! It’s really cool. One of the employees at our local bike shop rides one, and since he let me try it I got the opportunity to play on a top of the line model; a King Song 18 XL.

While the left and right balance is just about the same as a normal unicycle, the forward-backward balance autocorrects, which is a bizzare thing to experience. Pushing your toes forward/down adds speed, leaning back slows you down, though apparently you can also ride backwards (not that I tried). So it’s very intuitive, if still somewhat challenging. I didn’t get anywhere near up to speed on the thing; it can go up to 30 mph, and our friend rides wearing full protective gear (think motorcycle, with full face shield). I must say though, the little bit of low speed riding on the empty street behind the store was an absolute blast. Now, I don’t expect to be purchasing one anytime soon, as I’m not in the market for a new hobby and despite it’s capability to go as far as 70 miles on one charge I just can’t see myself choosing to double my already hour long commute. I would definitely say that it’s an experience worth having if presented, and if I worked closer to home, I might be tempted to go ahead and save up for this example of one of the weirder ways to get around town.