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Avalon's Wishlist

If I’ve handed you this link, you’ve expressed interest in giving me a gift. If you’ve stumbled upon this page, please disregard it!

Almost all of the items listed here are likely to be things I purchase for myself eventually, but have not done so due to reasons, so if you purchase something off of this list for me, please send me an email to let me know! I know surprises can be lovely, but I’d hate to find out that I got around to buying it myself just before or just after you did!

Some of these are big ticket items, some of them are very small. If you want to send me money earmarked as to help with the purchase of a certain big toy, that’s always welcome too :)

Important Note While I do not typically try to control how other people choose to spend their money, I am going to request that you please please not purchase items for me from amazon, walmart, or hobby lobby. I choose to never support these companies, and I’d rather that purchases made for me didn’t either.

Please do not opt to get me the ‘smart’ version of anything I list here, I won’t use them unless I can direct them to only phone home to my personal machine, not a large company’s “cloud”

I’d much prefer gently used items over brand new, when that’s reasonable, as I’ve been trying to do what I can to participate in a system of re-use and repair, rather than continually tossing things out in favor of new for the sake of new.

Last updated: 2021-04-08 (bug me to update this if the above date was multiple months ago!) THE LIST:

  • A simple sewing machine.

    • I’m looking for something heavy with a solid straight stitch. I’m going to build a libre embroidery machine eventually, and need this as a base.
  • Sewing patterns for clothing, cute stuffed toys, etc.

    • I’m trying to get back into sewing, and I don’t have much by way of patterns :)
  • crosstitch supplies

    • new hobby, I don’t have much by way of supplies for it at all!
  • sweatpants size small

    • I’ve particularly had success with sweatpants from H&M, and am very curious about their new “consious” products, which I haven’t tried yet, like these
  • plain coloured T-shirts, tending on the small side of medium (my shoulders are getting pretty large), are always welcome :)

  • shirt stays

    • also referred to as shirt garters, are something I’m on the lookout for right now
  • glass nail file

    • particularly this one (I wouldn’t say no to pretty much anything from this website!)
  • Stickers!

    • I’ve been enjoying cute stickers recently. Of particular interest right now are Penguins, Puffer Fish, Hacking themes, and unicorns!
  • Coloured Hot Glue!

    • I’ve been playing with this lately, and going through it faster than expected! 7mm hot glue, in any fun colours, and/or in practical clear or black, which I use a lot in soldering projects
  • Soldering/ Hardware Hacking kits!

  • A soldering extracting fan/ smoke absorber

    • I solder outside, with good ventilation, but this would make my set up even safer
  • Books!

    • Instructional books on soldering/hardware hacking/microcontrollers are very welcome
    • Instructional texts for sewing, crosstitch and other embroidery would be a great help!
    • If you have a fiction book you love, I’d love to read it too! Particularly interested in YA fiction from BIPOC authors :)
    • note I prefer physical books to e-books, and specifically don’t want digital copies that I can’t download without an app. Thanks!