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Like many of you out there, this clown runs on coffee.

If you would like to buy me coffee, and support me continuing to add content here, ordinarily I would thank you and give you a link to my paypal account.

Right now though, there are so many better places you could send your money.


We’re in the middle of a pandemic, let’s focus on making sure that people who are doing the right thing and staying home and keeping people safe can eat.

FeedingAmerica is one group that’s working on that problem. There are others,find the ones working in your area and support your local food banks.

Black Lives Matter

Many people are out there in your community risking covid and police violence to bring attention to a long standing issue. Go support them.

The NAACP Legal Defence and Education Fund is working to fight the legal battles to protect people.

The Bail Project helps get people out of pretrial detention (including protesters). Please go read why; I learned a lot about our current system, how it disproportunately affects people of color, and about the bail project’s goals on how to improve it.

Support bipoc artists and businesses.

Go and educate yourself on the issues at hand.